4ALL: Ski mountaineering with mountain guide. No timing, no stress and open for everyone!

Following the motto “4ALL”, in addition to the classic race format of the EPIC Ski Tour, there is the possibility to complete various tours without timekeeping and with a qualified mountain guide. There are different difficulty groupsRookie, Beginner, Advanced – of course, the rhythm is adapted to the condition of the group!

SATURDAY 22.01.2022

09.30 am: 4ALL tour with mountain guide (Rookie, Beginner, Advanced) Monte Bondone, Loc. Viote

There are different groups:


Take your first steps on touring skis together with us. A qualified tour guide will explain everything you need to know and accompany you on your first tour. Be a part of the Rookie Group and let us help you to fall in love with skimounteneering!


You have already made some skimounteneering experiences? Maybe you already have the equipment at home – but still you would be interested in some tips and tricks from a professional? Then you have found your group with the Advanced Tour – apply NOW and become part of the 4ALL adventure in the fantastic landscape!


Are you already a real skimounteneering lover? Are you already familiar with the materials and you love being on the mountains? But a tour with a real professional would also appeal to you? You would love to climb even higher peaks and enjoy a breathtaking view? Refine your touring skills and encounter untouched scenery together with us. Then sign up NOW for the Advanced Group!


To take part in the tour with a mountain guide you MUST HAVE a shovel, beeper, probe, an approved ski touring helmet and a super green pass.


La Sportiva ski boot rental ONLY WITH prior reservation by e-mail to info@epicskitour.com until January 18, 2022.