Info EPIC Ski Tour Valle d’Aosta


The EPIC Ski Tour Trofeo Memorial FIOU takes place in Aosta Valley in the municipalities of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, Saint Oyen and Etroubles at theFoyer de Fond in Flassin. Next to the start & finish area there will be the EXPO & Testival Area, which offers a wide exhibition of selected brands representing the ski mountaineering sport at 360° and is therefore a MUST for all ski mountaineers!


An exciting 16.4 km long route awaits you, starting and ending at the Foyer de Fond in Flassin.


Registration for the EPIC Ski Tour Valle d’Aosta Trofeo Memorial FIOU is possible from 1st January to 13th February 2020.
The registration fees are the following:

EPIC Ski Tour - Trofeo Memorial Fiou

30,00 €

+ 10,00 € deposit for the chip

Tour 4ALL

30,00 €


The deposit will be given back when returning the chip.

EPIC Ski Tour Trophy Fiou

The brothers Maurizio and Carlo Fiou, promising mountaineers of the Valle d’Aosta, both died very young in the mountains. The first in 1979 on the Cresta del Leone, the second on 17th September 1985 during the tragedy of Lyskamm, where six of the best mountaineers of the time died during the 21st “Corso Valdostano Guide”. On that day it was planned that a group of seven people, under the supervision of the professional mountain guide Roger Obert, would climb the eastern Lyskamm via the so-called Filder-Curta-Pellissier route. Near the ridge, the group was overwhelmed by a large avalanche. Thus Piero Bèthaz, Carlo Fiou, Ettore Grappein, Roger Obert, Piergiorgio Perucca and Corrado Vuillermoz, serious, well-trained young people who had prepared themselves before the disaster to continue a very honourable tradition, namely that of mountaineers, died.
Maurizio and Carlo, together with their third brother Mauro, mountain guide in Valpelline, had carried out countless repetitions of classic routes in the Western Alps and were experienced ski mountaineers.

The trophy, which is being held for the 32nd time is intended to remind the family and relatives of the deceased, is now supported by an organizational committee made up of friends of the Gran San Bernardo Valley.

Following the motto “4ALL”, in addition to the classic race format of the EPIC Ski Tour, there is the possibility to complete various tours without timekeeping and with a qualified mountain guide. There are different difficulty groupsRookie, Beginner, Advanced – of course, the rhythm is adapted to the condition of the group!

The EXPO & Testival Area is a MUST for all ski mountaineering enthusiasts! A large selection of exhibitors, a great atmosphere and even a small test track await you! Come by and bring your friends and family – whether just to stroll through or even to test something out – sure everyone finds something interesting at the EPIC Testival!


The Gran San Bernardo is an ideal destination for skiers, but also for those who are looking for the tranquillity typical of the mountain. Spectacular routes and enchanting landscapes for skiers, cross-country skiers and skimounteneers. Also worth seeing are the countless snowshoe trails. The centuries-old hospitality and traditional gastronomy of this area is reflected in the warm and daily intimacy of the accommodation.

Info: Motorway A5 TO/AO, exit Aosta Est (west), follow tunnel T2 Gran San Bernardo, turn off for Flassin (Saint-Oyen) about 20 km from the motorway exit.