Here is the ranking of the RACE3 after the first stage the EPIC RACE Trento Monte Bondone


1 Vötter Claudia 1h 17min 21s 487ms

2 Sunkler Natalie 1h 25min 53s 144ms W


1 Rauch Lukas 55min 58s 882ms

2 Kurz Maximilian 57min 38s 381ms

3 Stock Simon 1h 2min 56s 603ms

4 Gross Ulrich 1h 3min 54s 745ms

5 Sunkler Peter 1h 06min 03s 488ms

6 Reich Bernhard 1h 7min 47s 445ms

7 Tomat Loris 1h 13min 21s 506ms

8 Wallner Andi 1h 16min 33s 580ms

9 Caldart Daniele 1h 21min 46s 809ms

10 Guzzardi Davide 1h 25min 44s 96ms

11 Motta Mario 1h 29min 44s 803ms

12 Bamber Jonathan 1h 30min 4s 946ms