EPIC Ski Tour 2020 – presented today at RCS headquarters in Milan Second stage in Valle d’Aosta from 14th to 16th February, third stage in Trentino from 6th to 8th March Presented by Mauro Fiou, Renzo Testolin, Kurt Anrather, Marco Albarello, Corrado Jordan

The EPIC Ski Tour in Valle d’Aosta is also the Trofeo Fiou in memory of the two brothers Maurizio and Carlo Fiou, young promises of ski mountaineering who died in two mountain tragedies. The third brother, Mauro Fiou, was pleased that the tour, which has been remembering them for many years, ‘comes back to life’: “It’s a very beautiful tour for ski mountaineers, there are extreme differences in altitude and a very ‘airy’ ridge, before a beautiful descent. I think it is suitable for everyone”.

Corrado Jordan, Mayor of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, is delighted that the EPIC Ski Tour can act as a common denominator for all the municipalities of San Gran Bernardo, a valley less known than other places: “We want to offer our tradition, culture and gastronomy. We are very interesting for tourists because of our special tranquillity, nature and beautiful landscape. Ski touring has great potential and our tours are accessible and feasible for everyone. So I am waiting for you in the Aosta Valley in large numbers to open this treasure chest of possibilities”.

Omar Oprandi is the track manager of the races in Triento Monte Bondone: “Three days are a challenge for the organizers and fun for the participants. Most of the tracks in Trentino will be on the ski slopes and in an area reserved for the race. On Saturday, the race will take place in an area that is somewhat “unknown” to ski tourers, on the Cima Rosta in front of the cross-country track, with the ascent of the Palon in sight and a descent on a great run, usually kissed by the sun. Sunday offers a demanding race. The athletes will meet the top of the Cornetto, the highest point of the competition, the Cima Verde and first the Cima Palon”.

Giuseppe “Pepi” Ploner, former athlete and now race director, is more pragmatic: “Shovel, probe and VS equipment will be checked because this equipment is obligatory even if we choose extra routes that do not have avalanche problems or special risks. On Sunday the race will start with a handicap – also called “Gundersen Start”. The first to arrive will be the overall winner of all three days”.

Kurt Anrather, inventor and organizer of the EPIC Ski Tour is happy about the great success the EPIC Ski Tour has had in three years and is looking forward to the coming weekend in Valle d’Aosta.