In addition to the classic race format of the EPIC Ski Tour DAVOS, there is also the possibility on Sunday, 22.12.2019 from 10:00 a.m. to complete various tours without timing and with a qualified mountain guide. In groups of 8-15 persons, the mountain guides accompany the participants safely on the various tours. There are different groups – rookie, beginner and advanced – of course the rhythm is adapted to the condition of the group!

With the group Rookie everybody can make his first steps on touring skis together with a qualified tour guide. He or she will explain everything you need to know about ski tours and accompany the group on their first tour. The beginner group is the right group for everyone who has already made a few ski tours and perhaps even already has the equipment at home – but is still open for a few tips and tricks from the professional. The Advanced Group is for those who are already real skimounteneering lovers. Those who are already familiar with the materials and love to be on the mountain. But also for experienced ski tourers a tour with a real professional can be attractive. Climbing even higher peaks together and enjoying a breathtaking view without having to worry about safety or orientation. This is the only way to refine your touring skills and encounter untouched scenery.

The EPIC Ski Tour DAVOS invites ALL skimounteneering enthusiasts to join us on the weekend of 20-22 December 2019 and start this winter season together!!